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The swapp token reward model for affiliates is the most lucrative in all of Defi right now!  You can earn up to 12.5% of all referred token sales, all for just driving users to the presale using your affiliate link.

There are minimum requirements that need to be met in order to get paid, and the auction phase referral bonus system has three tiers.

Bonuses (paid in SWAPP) are based on how much total ETH their referral link brought in to the auction phase account:

Refer 1 – 49.999999999999999 ETH Bonus = 0.05 ETH (paid in SWAPP)

Refer 50-149.9999999999999 ETH Bonus = 10.0% of ETH (paid in SWAPP), and “Influencer” status

Refer 150 or more ETH Bonus = 12.5% of ETH (paid in SWAPP), and “Super Referrer” status


Sally refers a few friends who, in total, send 0.83 ETH into the auction phase. Sally fails to reach the 1 eth minimum for the first tier, so she earns no bonus SWAPP.

Robert refers several friends who, in total, send 3.6 ETH into the auction phase. Robert qualifies for the first bonus tier, so he earns a flat bonus of 0.05 ETH worth of SWAPP.

Angela is a social media influencer who creates several SWAPP videos and publishes her referral link on them. Users clicking her referral link send a total of 64 ETH in to the auction phase. Eve qualifies for the higher bonus tier, so she earns 6.4 ETH worth of SWAPP, as well as permanent “Influencer” status.

Jim is a certified financial advisor who has referred multiple high-net-worth clients who have collectively deposited 162 ETH in to the auction phase. Jim qualified for the top bonus tier, so he earns 20.25 ETH worth of SWAPP, and has permanent “Super Referrer” status.

Note: all referral bonuses are paid in SWAPP. When the auction phase ends, an effective total auction phase SWAPP/ETH exchange rate is calculated by looking at the total amount of ETH sent in by all users, and the total amount of SWAPP made available for reservation. This ratio is then used to calculate the amount of SWAPP for each referral bonus.

Once the presale phase of the Swapp launch is complete (30 day presale launch), the “Claim” widget at the bottom of the token reservation page will become active.

Once activated, users can click the “claim” button to receive any/all tokens they’ve personally reserved themselves, plus, all affiliate referral bonus tokens owed to them.

Reminder: You must meet at least the first tier of affiliate status as outlined in the whitepaper in order to claim referral bonus tokens.

A common question asked is, “Can I refer my friend who refers their friends, who refers their friends and we all get paid”?  The short answer is: no. Swapp strategically uses a single-tier referral bonus model. The reason is primarily because if even one additional referral layer was added, the amount of tokens that would need to be minted would go up exponentially. This would negatively impact all token holders because there would be too many tokens in circulation, thus diluting everyone; lowering the token price.

This direct referral bonus model used is the perfect blend of being able to reward affiliates for their promotional efforts while also not over-minting extra tokens.