The Swapp Data Monetization Movement

Swapp is democratizing the data industry by shifting the power over your data over to... well... you! And unlike previous efforts by companies who claim they'll achieve this, Swapp is unique in that the platform is fully decentralized. This enables 100% of the data monetization revenue to flow back to the end users.

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An image uploaded to Strapi

The Swapp Advantage

Swapp brings years of big data monetization experience.

Unlike the competition, Swapp is not new to the data monetization space. Swapp is simply the DeFi arm of HubioID, a leader and pioneer in the big data monetization industry.

Together, Swapp and HubioID are a force to be reckoned with as years' worth of experience and existing partnerships come together. With its privacy-first focus, Swapp is empowering individual consumers to control, and also be compensated for their data like never before.

Join Swapp on this journey to democratize the data industry.