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Tired of giving away your data for free?

SwappID is a revolutionary app that finally allows you to monetize your surfing data. Install it, browse, and earn - that’s it! SwappID does all the rest for you and rewards you for the value of your data.

With SwappID, you can finally take back control of your data. You decide who gets to use it and how much they have to pay for it. No more shady practices by big corporations - with SwappID, you get to be in charge.

Download the SwappID app and browser extension today. Start controlling your data and earning rewards for the data you generate every day!

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Swappid is changing the game by giving people back control over their data. Now, with SwappID users have Freedom Of Choice over their data that never had before. Now you collect your own data to have ownership of it, then you can choose either monetize your data yourself or keep it private. NOWON CHOICE IS YOURS, ONLY YOURS!

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Install App

Install the Swapp app on your Smartphone.

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Verify and validate your data with the Swapp app to protect and monetize

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Authorize advertisers who want to buy your validated data

Trade & Track

Where to find Swapp

Track & trade SWAPP tokens on the most popular DEX exchanges and listing sites such as Uniswap, CoinMarketCap Coingecko, Zerion, 1Inch and more.

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About Swapp

Swapp is an ecosystem of tools and services that enable people, businesses, and developers to unlock the latent value of data by pooling, securely sharing, and monetizing its value.

Swapp is the future of data. It's time to take control over what happens with users’ personal information. Swapp provides a decentralized marketplace that rewards users for monetizing their data!

Swapp has released a new app called SwappID. This app allows users to verify their data and stay anonymous when connecting to different platforms.

Introducing Swapp Protocol

Our Valuable Partners

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Swapp Token Distribution

  • Max Supply : 776,000,000
  • Circulating Supply : 433,435,292
  • Total Supply: 563,262,438

34% / 265M

Community / Rewards to liquidity providers

29% / 234 M

Presale Auction + Uniswap Launch Supply

30% / 232 M

Founders, seed investors, and team (3 year lockup)

4% / 35M

Future Development

2.2% / 10M


0.8% / 5M

Bug Bounty & Security

Roadmap 2021 | 2022

  • 0
    • 2021

      § Token Launch § Yield-Farming Begins § Swapp Cronos Dex launch § SWAPP Token IDO on Cronos § SWAPP Token IDO on BSC

  • 1
    • 1st Quarter, 2022

      § V1.0 SwappID app is launched

  • 2
    • 2nd Quarter, 2022

      § Features user data monetization § User data protection enhancement § SwappID Dapp Center § SWAPP/BNB Staking pool (SwappDapp) § SWAPP/CRO Staking pool (SwappDapp) §. SwappID Wallet Send/Swap feature release

  • 3
    • 3rd Quarter, 2022

      §. SwappID SDK Release §. Swapp Data Marketplace (DMP) launch for B2B users- beta version

  • 4
    • 4th Quarter, 2022

      §. Swapp DMP launch §. Complete Institutional Investment Round 2 §. Swapp Data Blockchain Test Network development starts

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Self-Sovereign Identity is here...

Download SwappID app

SwappID is a Self-Sovereign ID that allows users to take control back of their data. SwappID also provides businesses with access to high-quality, zero-party, and legal data in a compliant way.

Earn up to 180% APY on your Digital Assets

The Swapp platform allows users to stake their Swapp tokens, locking them up for a period of time, in order to earn interest in the form of Swapp rewards.

Swapp Blog & News

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