Our Idea
Swapp is leading a massive movement to disrupt the data industry. For far too long, tech giants like Google and Facebook have tracked your every move, earned billions per year in monetization, but have shared none of that revenue with you, the rightful owner.
Opportunity Size


Total US data monetized in 2019


US Consumers

Tokens sold/allocated Hardcap

SWAPP Token PreSale ENDS in:
Install App

Simply install the Swapp ios or Android app on your smartphone. Coming Q3


Authorize the app to sync with your existing social media accounts.


That’s all! The platform starts paying you in SWAPP tokens (convertible to dollar$)

Get in on the Swapp Data Monetization Movement

Capitalize on the $1.5T/yr data  industry.

Swapp is democratizing the data industry, putting the power over consumer data where it belongs: In the hands of each individual consumer. Powering this newly decentralized data industry is our blockchain-driven infrastructure which is open to users ranging in size from individual consumers up to institutional players.
As millions of consumers begin capitalizing on their own data monetization, this puts upward pressure on the price of each compensation token rewarded. Token holders will also benefit from the optional liquidity pools structured to pay reward to those who choose to “stake” their SWAPP tokens, with dividends as high as 50% APY for early adopters.

Introducing Swapp Protocol

Under the hood, Swapp is a fairly-launched, community-driven yield farming and auto-compounding defi platform built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Roadmap 2021 / 2022

 Our Strategy and Project Plan

How do I get SWAPP tokens?

The SWAPP 30-day Fair Launch Auction begins on April  23rd.

Stake your claim on a stash of SWAPP tokens before they go live on Uniswap by simply coming to the SWAPP website and register here to receive exclusive updates.

If you’d like to earn up to 12.5% referral bonus on all users you bring to SWAPP, contact us about becoming a Super Referrer.


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Our pre-sale is ending soon. Let’s Talk!

    Tokens Sale Terms

    Structure & Phases of SWAPP PreSale Goals


    Available at Auction

    30 days

    PreSale Length


    Total Token Supply


    Token Type


    Purchase Methods

    Token Distribution

    • 250M User Rewards
    • 110M Future Development
    • 125M Reserves
    • 115M Team, Operations, Security

    Use of proceeds

    • 50% Rewards Distributed to Users
    • 22% Future Development
    • 5% Reserved Funding
    • 20% Founders & Team (Lock Up)
    • 3% Bounty, Advisors, Partnership

    100% FAIR

    Fair Launch Auction


    Eligible Consumers

    3 Staking Pools



    Stake longer to earn higher rewards.
    Unified Profile
    A single source for your profile data online.
    Either choose to sync with all or only certain networks.
    View Earnings
    Monitor how much you've earned from your data.
    Exchange your Swapp rewards for other crypto or for real money.

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