Start getting paid for the data you are giving away.

The average person is targeted with over 100 ads per day. Tech giants are earning billions of dollars while you earn zero. That ends today!

Swapp is reinventing the data marketplace by cutting out the middlemen and allowing the individual user to monetize their own data. 100% of the profits stemming from the sale of your data will end up in your pockets.

When was the last time you were talking about a product (car, clothing, etc.) only to find an advertisement for that same product on your phone moments later? This is simply one small example of how companies target you, the individual, and pay a handsome fee to middlemen for providing this data.

To join the Swapp movement and take back your data, simply install the app, validate, and start getting paid.

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The Swapp app plays a pivotal role within the Swapp ecosystem: (i.) It connects you directly to the companies that want to buy your data; (ii.) It allows you to protect your data if you don’t want it being sold; and (iii.) It allows you to sell/monetize your data to earn Swapp tokens;

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Install App

Install the Swapp app on your Smartphone. Coming soon

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Verify and validate your data with the Swapp app to protect and monetize

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Authorize advertisers who want to buy your validated data

Trade & Track

Where to find Swapp

Track & trade SWAPP tokens on the most popular DEX exchanges and listing sites such as Uniswap, CoinMarketCap Coingecko, Zerion, 1Inch and more.

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About Swapp

Swapp is a fairly-launched, community-driven DeFi protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. The Swapp dev team consists of talented business professionals, experienced in blockchain infrastructure and finance. Swapp is proud to be democratizing the data industry and making complex financial products simple and accessible to anyone all.

Introducing Swapp Protocol

Our Valuable Partners

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Swapp Token Distribution

  • Max Total Supply : 776,000,000
  • Circulating Supply : 238,000,000

34% / 265M

Community / Rewards to liquidity providers

29% / 234 M

Presale Auction + Uniswap Launch Supply

30% / 232 M

Founders, seed investors, and team (3 year lockup)

4% / 35M

Future Development

2.2% / 10M


0.8% / 5M

Bug Bounty & Security

Roadmap 2021 | 2022

  • 0
    • 2nd Quarter, 2021

      § Token Launch § Yield-Farming Begins

  • 1
    • 3rd Quarter, 2021

      § v1.0 Swapp app is launched (beta)

  • 2
    • 4th Quarter, 2021

      § v1.2 Swapp app is launched § Additional validation and verification methods

  • 3
    • 1st Quarter, 2022

      § V2.0 Swapp app is launched § Features user data monetization

  • 4
    • 2nd Quarter, 2022

      § SwappPay v1.0 is launched for publisher micropayments.

  • 5
    • 3rd Quarter, 2022

      §. Swapp app and SwappPay reach mass adoption of 50M+ users.

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Download Swapp app

Swapp is leading a massive movement to disrupt the data industry. For far too long, tech giants like Google and Facebook have tracked your every move, earned billions per year.

Earn up to 180% APY on your Digital Assets

The Swapp platform allows users to stake their Swapp tokens, locking them up for a period of time, in order to earn interest in the form of Swapp rewards.

Swapp Blog & News

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